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We exhibited our Z900RS CUSTOM Z1-Style Ver.2018 at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018. Here is a detailed overview of the motorcycle for those who didn’t get to see it at the show.

I believe you might already see our motorcycle in pictures since many media introduced her from the first day of the exhibition.
Her exterior comes with square design that was requested after Tokyo Motor Show 2017 as well as 4-4 exhaust system. This fuel tank was developed as a cover type using an inner fuel tank like other our products. Side cover and tail cowl are prototypes built up based on the set for zephyr 750 with adjusting mounting position. The supercharger appealing its existence at the side of engine is a prototype model developed by MS-Sailing. We asked them to collaborate with us, and they installed it for this special occasion.

While we received favorable comments for her exterior and supercharger, we also know people wondered why we put 4-4 exhaust system for Mk.2 style. Of course, we have the plan of 4-1 exhaust system with short end pipe. But we simply wanted to showcase our just completed final prototype. This is Racing 4-4 exhaust system in Black for Mass production. It may have many updates from now before market release, but we are happy to share our production progress with you.

Our three Z900RS exhibition models have the new MORRIS MAG wheels which will be released soon, equipped by our original adapter for stock brake rotors.
About the supercharger, please also check MS-Sailing web site (

Exhibition models can also provide you a better image for our other custom parts, like frame plug, rear sets, core guard, and engine slider. They are already available in our shop. We will release the racing 4-4 exhaust system (does not meet street emission standards) first, and street model (meet Japanese emission standards) later. We are developing them with black and plated finish as we showed in Z1-Style. For MK.2 exterior sets, we are going to further evolve our prototype based on our investigations of other materials and shapes. Please anticipate more sophisticated style from us!

Eddie Lawson model ridden as Kawasaki team and won AMA Super Bike Race. 

The MORRIS MAG that we mounted on the three latest 900RS is using the adapter which is compatible with Z900RS original rotor. And actually this rotor is designed for the final model that is going to release soon.

Also,  the megaphone (divergent end) muffler is now on sale, so please place your order if interested.

There are more on sale rather than those we have picked up like Flame Plug, Back Step, Core Guard, Engine Slider. 

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For this occasion, Kawasaki Heavy Industry kindly allowed us to exhibit our custom Z900RS 2017 Tokyo Motor show model. We had the green line color model (sitting in the far back in the picture) and the turquoise blue color model. The biggest change is the fuel tank that originally came only with the stock paint in 2017 model. The new fuel tank is FRP cover type with a new shape using the stock inner tank. We also installed “Stone Ccowl” which provides omfortable long touring. The “4-4 exhaust system” comes with plated finish popular request,. The“Fender eliminator kit” can adjust the tail lamp position for both stock tail cowl and Doremi Z1(’72 Z900)-Style tail cowl.

If you look at our paint carefully, you can tell it has carbon print design and our attention to details. Our three Z900RS exhibition models have the new MORRIS MAG wheels which will be released soon, equipped by our original adapter for stock brake rotors. In 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, we could only show the prototype “Stone Cowl” whiche already received many pre-orders. This time, we are showing.


Kawasaki have started the deliveries of Z900RS which was first debuted in Tokyo Motorcycle Show in October 2017. With this spectacular debut, we also received many inquiries about “Doremi collection concept Z1”, customizing 2017 Z900RS as in 1972 Z900 style that we exhibited in the same show. Here is our progress report for the 4-4 exhaust system development that received the most inquiries.

We decided to add the racing 4-4 exhaust system (does not meet street emission standards) to our product line up. We received many customer requests asking for plated finish product so we are preparing our lineup with black and plated finish. After the racing exhaust, we will start the development for the street 4-4 exhaust system (meet Japanese emission standards) Pre-order starts today.

Race way test for racing 4-4 exhaust system 

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