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"2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Turning signal stem 4pcs long reviving 1972 Z900
Can be also used Z series, W400/650/800
Entire Length 95mm, Bolt length 32mm
Super high quality chrome plated finish (0.4mm thicker than stock parts. It may require small modification when you mount it.)
Slip prevention with high grip rubber
"Doremi collection" provides Japanese super high quality custom parts.
Each one of them is unique and one-time production, We nevertheless offer really competitive price based on the rich experiences.
Because rare products are made to order, it is difficult to tell the exact delivery date.
So I am here for you as an individual coordinator with the direct connection to "Doremi collection".

I can provide you an early access, price matching, better delivery estimation and shipping rate.

Z900RS turning signal stem 4pcs long

SKU: 20081
  • We always try our best to reflect the latest inventory on our website . It can be, however, out of stock in the case we receive orders simultaneously from distributors or overseas buyers, or due to factory’s capacity.

    To ensure desirable delivery date, please check our inventory before you place an order.

    In the case there is an inventory shortage after the order is placed, we will inform you by email.

4/21/2022 Update
Due to the worldwide fuel and SCM cost increase, Japan Post stopped their EMS (Express Mail Service) to several countries (US, CA, Euro etc.) So the website shopping system can't reflect the correct shipping fee.
We will inform you the latest shipping fee by email with our DHL discount.
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